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Caleyadesign | tale a look in our Pattern Designstudio | drawing process and drawing time by caleyadesign



Caleya Design is a textile design studio based in Germany.

It was founded in 2015 by textile designer Karolin Sobe and has always aimed to impress with high-quality surface designs in the fashion and home sectors. 


The goal of Caleya Design is to create print designs and illustrations with a high artistic expression and of high quality.

All of our patterns are subject to our aesthetic standards and are perfected with loving craftsmanship.

With this in mind, we create a sophisticated end product in terms of quality, resolution and color intensity.


Our patterns can be applied to a variety of products in sectors like fashion, home textiles, interior & décor, wallpaper, packaging and many others. We always consider the conditions of industry standards and follow current trends.

painting and studio view by caleyadesign
Caleyadesign | floral drawing details

Our Print

Discover our entire collection and gain
a deep insight into our work.

Caleyadesign | Einblick in unser Studio



At Caleya Design, we are passionate about drawing.
We love delicate arrangements, complex details and powerful compositions. 


The main source of inspiration for our designs is our love for nature.

At the same time, we are fascinated by the works of esteemed pattern designers such as William Morris, Walter Crane, and C.F.A. Voysey.
We can get lost in their complex, expressive patterns and their floral structures. 

With this passion for opulent and detail-oriented patterns, we create new high-quality print designs. 


In addition, our focus is also on experimental techniques and the implementation of new ideas to create different expressions in our designs.

In each of our patterns, there is a lot of passion and perfectionism. 

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